Who Chains You: Books for those who believe people—and animals—deserve to be free.

Who Chains You Publishing Offers Special Book Pricing to Veterinarians and Vet Offices as they Care for our Companions

Education is one of the most important tools we have to engender a sense of kindness in future generations. Veterinarians see more than their fair share of injustices to our best friends in their daily practice. Books are one way to pass along important messages in animal care to your clients. By breaking the chain of cruelty to animals through reading, we create a kinder society for humans as well as animals. Our just-above-wholesale pricing for veterinarians is perfect to stock your waiting room shelves with quality reading materials for animal lovers, or sell in your in-practice store for your clients to take home with them.

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We offer just-above-wholesale pricing of only $7.00 per book (with FREE Shipping—U.S. ONLY, please contact us for shipping to other countries), mix and match, to veterinarians and vet offices—and every book is available for the program. There is a 10 book minimum order for this program, after that the sky's the limit!

Even better, for veterinarian offices that need books in higher quantities, orders of 50+ books are only $6.75 each, a savings of over 50% off retail. (For bulk Happy Dog Coloring Book orders, see this page.)

[Please note: a limited selection of titles has a higher nonprofit rate due to print costs associated with higher page counts or extra color pages: Hachi & Friends, color edition, $8.00 each. Fox Feats and Shark Tales, $8.50 each. Tale Feathers, $8.00 each. Reboot Ranch, $8.50 each. It Went to the Dogs, $8.50 each. Humane Education in Higher Education, please write for more info. Ten copy minimum applies, can be mixed and matched. Orders of 50 or more copies may take an extra $.25 off. Thank you!]

Are you a veterinarian or vet office in need of books? Then look no further! If you have questions or special needs, or would like to ask about other wholesale opportunities or personalized books or coloring books, email us at info@whochainsyou.com for more information.

Otherwise, please send your total payment through PayPal, and then use the order form below to place your order. Note: We can no longer accept checks. Please drop us an email if you'd like another way to pay. We can also accept Venmo and Zelle.